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Good Habits #7 – Mom Was Right About Keeping The Doctor Away

Any one of a certain age remembers the health propaganda one liners we were fed as a child.  I’ve written a whole piece on how a secret cabal of mothers feeds these into our brains.  Well, one of those one-line indoctrination pieces was “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  Although I still takeContinue reading “Good Habits #7 – Mom Was Right About Keeping The Doctor Away”


Why the Holidays Don’t Have to Be That Bad For Your Health

Last year, in one of my first blog posts, I explained why people obsess too much about gaining weight over the holidays.  People spend entirely too much time worrying about the impact of a few days in November and December.  But the last month of the year can’t cancel out your good behavior for theContinue reading “Why the Holidays Don’t Have to Be That Bad For Your Health”

15 Ways To Avoid Getting Fat (Or Get Un-Fat) That I’ve Discovered in 15 Months

I’ve been dieting for 15 months and am down nearly 65 pounds.  It’s been surprisingly easy.  As I mentioned in my first ever blog post, I discovered that I was really only doing a few things wrong.  I was able to identify what needed work by using Cronometer to measure calories and nutrients.  It’s aContinue reading “15 Ways To Avoid Getting Fat (Or Get Un-Fat) That I’ve Discovered in 15 Months”

Good Habits 6 – My Diet is Totally Based

I’ve occasionally followed assorted carnivore foodbros and low-carb types on the Internet (where all every piece of information you find is true, clearly) who insist that veggies and fruits and things are bad.  Foods from plants are evil and make you fat.  Because they have carbohydrates, which make you fat.  Obviously.  At least, according toContinue reading “Good Habits 6 – My Diet is Totally Based”

Bad Habits #5 – Don’t Drown Your Food

When I was younger, my brother and I would wake up early and watch Saturday morning cartoons.  That might give away how old I am.  Saturday morning cartoons were kind of a weekend fixture in the old days.  By that I mean before the mid-90s or so.  They tended to last until noon, much toContinue reading “Bad Habits #5 – Don’t Drown Your Food”

Good Habits #5 – Popeye Was On To Something

When I was younger, I was exposed to a form of blatant, shameless propaganda.  A form of animated brainwashing I’m absolutely convinced that a shadowy cabal of American mothers had produced to slowly osmose nefarious and wicked ideas into the brains of young children.  An elaborate and sinister plot to make us…eat vegetables. The hatefulContinue reading “Good Habits #5 – Popeye Was On To Something”

Uncle Sam Wants You To Save The Republic By Losing Weight

In honor of Independence Day, I’ve decided to share one way everyone in America can be a true patriot.  To do something that will hugely benefit your country.  To rise to the occasion and make your country a truly glorious and wonderful place, more so than ever before.  A way to increase productivity, happiness, wellContinue reading “Uncle Sam Wants You To Save The Republic By Losing Weight”

Bad Habits #4 – Big Sides Can Give You Big Sides

I learned fairly early on that eating out was not the healthiest thing I could do on a diet.  Like, not at all.  Just today I got a free iced cinnamon biscuit at Maple Street Biscuit Company because it was my first trip there.  It was over 500 calories.  The portion sizes are so ridiculousContinue reading “Bad Habits #4 – Big Sides Can Give You Big Sides”

Good Habits #4 – Blessed Brown Water of Life

So I’ve been spending the past few weeks writing about assorted things COVID and a few other random topics, but I think it’s time to get back to some of the basics.  Actually, it’s been months.  The lockdown is causing me to lose track of time.  What day is it?  Anyway, the original purpose ofContinue reading “Good Habits #4 – Blessed Brown Water of Life”

Despite What Some of the Diet Bros on the Internet May Tell You, Counting Calories Actually Works

When I started blogging about six months ago, I started getting followers on WordPress, many of whom appear to be earnest, decent, lovely people who are also blogging about their interests.  The WordPress community offers many interesting perspectives on a variety of topics, some of which might not even be available in traditional media. IContinue reading “Despite What Some of the Diet Bros on the Internet May Tell You, Counting Calories Actually Works”