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Bad Habits #19 – Various Brain Melting Diet Fads I’ve Found on The Internet

Anyone who’s vaguely online knows that the Internet is a stunning achievement allowing billions of humans access to all sorts of information, from the latest news of the world, information on scientific and technological developments, online finance, or just the ability to stay connected with friends and family across the world.  And we also knowContinue reading “Bad Habits #19 – Various Brain Melting Diet Fads I’ve Found on The Internet”


Exercise #19 – Strange Workouts People Do In The Suburbs

One habit I’ve taken up of late is to review the latest trends in the fitness world.  Not that I’m a particularly trendy guy.  I’m a CPA, which is as far from swanky and fashionable as professions can get.  But I like to see what people are doing on the off chance that I mightContinue reading “Exercise #19 – Strange Workouts People Do In The Suburbs”

Bad Habits #18 – 24 Other People’s Bad Habits, A Blatantly Clickbaity Listicle

So, I’ve been writing this blog off and on for roughly two and a half years.  Or is it three and a half years?  Sometimes I lose track because that year where we all hid under the bed feels like it doesn’t count. You know the one I mean. The one dominated by the All-PowerfulContinue reading “Bad Habits #18 – 24 Other People’s Bad Habits, A Blatantly Clickbaity Listicle”

Good Habits #18 – Why Cavemen Were Rarely Obese

I’ve occasionally researched the various diet fads out there, including the Keto diet (whose acolytes I regularly pan, just to be irritating), the Carnivore diet (who get the same mistreatment as the Keto types, for the same reason), and the Vegan diet (a diet that is a total non-starter for me). My own diet isContinue reading “Good Habits #18 – Why Cavemen Were Rarely Obese”

Exercise #18 – Leg Warmers and Raving Lunatics

I used to have a dim view of “fitness culture”.  Not because of the weird tendency by “body positive” types to trash anyone trying to be healthy as “fatphobic”.  It was because it had a strangely shallow and silly image when I was growing up.  It usually consisted of a room full of brainless, big-hairedContinue reading “Exercise #18 – Leg Warmers and Raving Lunatics”

Bad Habits #17 – We’re Already In a Zombie Apocalypse, And It’s Making Us Fatter

When I was growing up, I was the guy who fell asleep in the back of the class.  This started as early as thirteen years old or so.  And it wasn’t the result of narcolepsy or any other sleep condition.  It was initially because I would often stay up late reading and would go toContinue reading “Bad Habits #17 – We’re Already In a Zombie Apocalypse, And It’s Making Us Fatter”

Good Habits #17 – Clean Food For People Who Don’t Like To Bathe

Ever go into a restaurant and see that the guy seated at the table next to you has more body hair than all the people at your table combined?  And that’s just on his face and under his arms?  The type of place where everyone seems to have a dog under the table, tattoos inContinue reading “Good Habits #17 – Clean Food For People Who Don’t Like To Bathe”

Exercise #17 – I Will Be Your Beast of Burden

When I got married, it was a happy time for both my wife and me.  But I didn’t realize that she was happy for another reason.  My ego was telling me that she’d found the man of her dreams, her soulmate.  I complete her, or whatever.  But the real truth is that she was happyContinue reading “Exercise #17 – I Will Be Your Beast of Burden”

How Game of Thrones Made Me Start Losing Weight

Like many people, my wife and I were fond of Game of Thrones.  Well, I was fond of it.  My wife … was full fangirl.  The “searching the internet and watching all of the YouTube videos describing the history of Westeros” type of fangirl.  The “if Kit Harrington stopped by and proposed marriage, she wouldContinue reading “How Game of Thrones Made Me Start Losing Weight”

Bad Habits #16 – Adult Baby Food

I spend a lot of time trashing those who partake of the Ketogenic and Carnivore diets.  Good naturedly, of course.  Many of the people I follow and interact with on social media partake of these and other low-carb diets.  But for some reason I feel the urge to occasionally mock their fetishistic worship of thingsContinue reading “Bad Habits #16 – Adult Baby Food”