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Exercise #19 – Strange Workouts People Do In The Suburbs

One habit I’ve taken up of late is to review the latest trends in the fitness world.  Not that I’m a particularly trendy guy.  I’m a CPA, which is as far from swanky and fashionable as professions can get.  But I like to see what people are doing on the off chance that I mightContinue reading “Exercise #19 – Strange Workouts People Do In The Suburbs”


Bad Habits #18 – 24 Other People’s Bad Habits, A Blatantly Clickbaity Listicle

So, I’ve been writing this blog off and on for roughly two and a half years.  Or is it three and a half years?  Sometimes I lose track because that year where we all hid under the bed feels like it doesn’t count. You know the one I mean. The one dominated by the All-PowerfulContinue reading “Bad Habits #18 – 24 Other People’s Bad Habits, A Blatantly Clickbaity Listicle”

Exercise #18 – Leg Warmers and Raving Lunatics

I used to have a dim view of “fitness culture”.  Not because of the weird tendency by “body positive” types to trash anyone trying to be healthy as “fatphobic”.  It was because it had a strangely shallow and silly image when I was growing up.  It usually consisted of a room full of brainless, big-hairedContinue reading “Exercise #18 – Leg Warmers and Raving Lunatics”

Exercise #16 – Work Hard, Not Smart

Recently, I commented on how I’ve lost a little ground in my “Weight Loss Journey.” And yes, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. That insufferable, trendy phrase probably emerged from the irritating part of the Internet where people look way happier than they are in real life (Instagram), or that partContinue reading “Exercise #16 – Work Hard, Not Smart”

Bad Habits #14 – Avoid The New Year’s Fitness Blitzkrieg

There are a few times of year that people put unbelievably insufferable things on their social media feeds.  Okay that’s…every time of year.  But there are a couple of times where the insufferability hits ungodly peaks.  Such as everyone showing how happy they are at Thanksgiving, but clearly omitting the videos of their crazy unclesContinue reading “Bad Habits #14 – Avoid The New Year’s Fitness Blitzkrieg”

Exercise #14 – Slackercising

One thing I realized when I started writing this blog is that not everyone has a job quite so flexible as mine.  Meaning they can’t easily fit things like exercise and healthy eating into their schedule.  The advantage of an otherwise dreary job like public accounting is that you don’t necessarily have to work nineContinue reading “Exercise #14 – Slackercising”

Exercise #13 – If You Want A Friend (And Less Of A Waist) Get a Dog

One of the things Florida is renowned for (apart from crazy people) is it’s retired population.  And despite the fact that we normally get a bit plumper as we age, the aging Florida Men and Florida Women I see in my neighborhood really don’t appear to suffer from that.  I’ve often been curious how theseContinue reading “Exercise #13 – If You Want A Friend (And Less Of A Waist) Get a Dog”

Exercise #12 – Weight Loss By Risking Hypothermia

Growing up mostly in Georgia, and now living in Florida, seeing the snow is a rare occurrence.  It might have snowed once every five to ten years in Savannah, and usually only barely.  And snow in Florida would probably drive the Florida Men insane, as they would be convinced that the end of days hadContinue reading “Exercise #12 – Weight Loss By Risking Hypothermia”

Exercise #11 – Vive La Resistance

Not long ago, I posted a piece about how I’d finally put aside my skepticism of gyms and started lifting weights.  Once something I sneered at as the pastime of over muscled and under brained bros, I realized that this was a key part of getting myself back into shape.  The fancy term for thisContinue reading “Exercise #11 – Vive La Resistance”

Exercise #10 – How To Burn Calories Acting Like A Lunatic

When I was younger, the family took a summer vacation to Canada.  Of course it was summer.  No native Georgians are going to brave the frozen wastes of Canada in the wintertime.  We visited Quebec and saw the historic sites of the old walled city.  We went to Toronto and went to the top ofContinue reading “Exercise #10 – How To Burn Calories Acting Like A Lunatic”