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Exercise #12 – Weight Loss By Risking Hypothermia

Growing up mostly in Georgia, and now living in Florida, seeing the snow is a rare occurrence.  It might have snowed once every five to ten years in Savannah, and usually only barely.  And snow in Florida would probably drive the Florida Men insane, as they would be convinced that the end of days hadContinue reading “Exercise #12 – Weight Loss By Risking Hypothermia”


Exercise #6 – Salt Life Ain’t Nuthin’ But Beaches and Sunny

You can’t go ten feet in the Tampa Bay Area without seeing at least one “Salt Life” bumper sticker, denoting someone who spends a disproportionate amount of time on or near the water.  And it’s usually not too difficult to match the bumper sticker to the owner, since all one needs do is scan theContinue reading “Exercise #6 – Salt Life Ain’t Nuthin’ But Beaches and Sunny”