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Exercise #17 – I Will Be Your Beast of Burden

When I got married, it was a happy time for both my wife and me.  But I didn’t realize that she was happy for another reason.  My ego was telling me that she’d found the man of her dreams, her soulmate.  I complete her, or whatever.  But the real truth is that she was happyContinue reading “Exercise #17 – I Will Be Your Beast of Burden”


Exercise #11 – Vive La Resistance

Not long ago, I posted a piece about how I’d finally put aside my skepticism of gyms and started lifting weights.  Once something I sneered at as the pastime of over muscled and under brained bros, I realized that this was a key part of getting myself back into shape.  The fancy term for thisContinue reading “Exercise #11 – Vive La Resistance”