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Good Habits #10 – These Are The Things That Try Ketovore’s Souls

In my efforts to expand my knowledge of all things dietary in my pursuit of godlike abs and immortal levels of immunity, I follow a lot of health nuts on social media.  This includes the “normie” doctor types who do weird stuff like…tweet health information that’s backed up by years of empirical data.  But IContinue reading “Good Habits #10 – These Are The Things That Try Ketovore’s Souls”


Good Habits 6 – My Diet is Totally Based

I’ve occasionally followed assorted carnivore foodbros and low-carb types on the Internet (where all every piece of information you find is true, clearly) who insist that veggies and fruits and things are bad.  Foods from plants are evil and make you fat.  Because they have carbohydrates, which make you fat.  Obviously.  At least, according toContinue reading “Good Habits 6 – My Diet is Totally Based”