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Good Habits #1 – How To Eat Hamburgers Without Dying Young

Like any red-blooded American, I like hamburgers.  I really like them.  A lot. Of course, it’s not the healthiest thing you can eat.  I’ve seen butchers cutting steaks, and I’ve seen the fatty scraps of meat that they cut off and push to the side.  This is the stuff that goes into the grinder. SoContinue reading “Good Habits #1 – How To Eat Hamburgers Without Dying Young”


Bad Habits #1 – The Perilous Habits Of Bachelors Who Can’t Cook, But Often Try To

As I mentioned in my last piece, when I actually started tracking what I eat and where most of my calories come from, I noticed a few foods that were providing a disproportionate number of calories.  And it wasn’t necessarily the ones you might suspect. Sure, meats (particularly the fried and barbecued kinds) produce aContinue reading “Bad Habits #1 – The Perilous Habits Of Bachelors Who Can’t Cook, But Often Try To”

Exercise #1 – The Value of Exercise and the Honey-Do List

I’m planning to do several pieces about exercise and how I’ve managed to incorporate it into my regimen and around my schedule.  As I’ve mentioned in previous pieces, I’m a CPA, and it’s easy to pack on pounds when you’re a CPA, or in any other sedentary occupation.   I used to exercise when I could,Continue reading “Exercise #1 – The Value of Exercise and the Honey-Do List”

Thanksgiving Diet Advice is Actually Terrible

So the Holidays are upon us, starting with Thanksgiving.  And every year, news sites, especially the health and fitness ones, inundate us with advice on how to lose weight.  Most of which is asinine. So here’s some of the awful advice I’ve found out there, in no particular order. More than a few people thinkContinue reading “Thanksgiving Diet Advice is Actually Terrible”

I Have Fewer Chins Than I Used To

So I’ve managed to lose about 30 pounds in three months.  Keeping the weight off has been increasingly a problem as I get older.  It doesn’t help that I’m a CPA by profession, a rather sedentary job which lends itself to a certain portliness.  I also got married not too long ago, and I discoveredContinue reading “I Have Fewer Chins Than I Used To”