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America’s Added Fat Comes From Added Fat

I saw recently that the total number of obese people in the U.S. was approaching forty percent.  And if we include the number of overweight people, it jumps to seventy percent.  We’ve got some fatties in the U.S.  Of course, it’s mean to say “fatty” I guess (although I used to be one, so IContinue reading “America’s Added Fat Comes From Added Fat”


Why the Holidays Don’t Have to Be That Bad For Your Health

Last year, in one of my first blog posts, I explained why people obsess too much about gaining weight over the holidays.  People spend entirely too much time worrying about the impact of a few days in November and December.  But the last month of the year can’t cancel out your good behavior for theContinue reading “Why the Holidays Don’t Have to Be That Bad For Your Health”

Exercise #7 – Patriotism Is Really Good For You

So, the dumpster fire that is the 2020 election is awful for mental health.  My Facebook and Twitter feeds are full of all sorts of rants, rage, and meltdowns.  This is compounded by the fact that many of us are frustrated being stuck in our homes due to the imminent end of humanity due toContinue reading “Exercise #7 – Patriotism Is Really Good For You”

Bad Habits #6 – Why Georgia is So Obese

I spent most of my life (even the portion where I kicked around a lot because the Army would relocate my dad every year or so) somewhere to the south of the Mason-Dixon line.  And the overwhelming majority of it was in Georgia, either during the time my father was at Fort Stewart, or whenContinue reading “Bad Habits #6 – Why Georgia is So Obese”

15 Ways To Avoid Getting Fat (Or Get Un-Fat) That I’ve Discovered in 15 Months

I’ve been dieting for 15 months and am down nearly 65 pounds.  It’s been surprisingly easy.  As I mentioned in my first ever blog post, I discovered that I was really only doing a few things wrong.  I was able to identify what needed work by using Cronometer to measure calories and nutrients.  It’s aContinue reading “15 Ways To Avoid Getting Fat (Or Get Un-Fat) That I’ve Discovered in 15 Months”

Uncle Sam Wants You To Save The Republic By Losing Weight

In honor of Independence Day, I’ve decided to share one way everyone in America can be a true patriot.  To do something that will hugely benefit your country.  To rise to the occasion and make your country a truly glorious and wonderful place, more so than ever before.  A way to increase productivity, happiness, wellContinue reading “Uncle Sam Wants You To Save The Republic By Losing Weight”

Bad Habits #4 – Big Sides Can Give You Big Sides

I learned fairly early on that eating out was not the healthiest thing I could do on a diet.  Like, not at all.  Just today I got a free iced cinnamon biscuit at Maple Street Biscuit Company because it was my first trip there.  It was over 500 calories.  The portion sizes are so ridiculousContinue reading “Bad Habits #4 – Big Sides Can Give You Big Sides”

Pac-Man Made Us Fat

As I’ve mentioned before, Americans started getting fat about fifty years ago.  There have been a lot of theories and debates around this, but I think I know the primary cause.  It’s not McDonald’s.  We’ve been eating hamburgers for over a century.  It’s not pizza.  We’ve been eating that almost as long.  It’s Pac-Man.  Pac-ManContinue reading “Pac-Man Made Us Fat”

Americans Don’t Suck Nearly As Badly As The Health And Fitness World Would Have Us Believe

I hear a lot about how Americans are crazy overweight. And we are. About a third of us are overweight and another third of us are obese. But there are certain parts of the media and certain denizens of the Twitterverse (especially those that spend a lot of time covering health and nutrition) that seemContinue reading “Americans Don’t Suck Nearly As Badly As The Health And Fitness World Would Have Us Believe”