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Good Habits #16 – The More You Toot, The Better You Feel

Nearly eight years ago, I began an arduous, difficult, and life changing journey filled with struggle and suffering, but also great joy and rewards.  No, I’m not talking about my “Weight Loss Journey” (an annoying phrase that I hate with a passion, but seem to repeat constantly because of masochism), I’m talking about marriage.  AndContinue reading “Good Habits #16 – The More You Toot, The Better You Feel”


Exercise #16 – Work Hard, Not Smart

Recently, I commented on how I’ve lost a little ground in my “Weight Loss Journey.” And yes, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. That insufferable, trendy phrase probably emerged from the irritating part of the Internet where people look way happier than they are in real life (Instagram), or that partContinue reading “Exercise #16 – Work Hard, Not Smart”

Bad Habits #14 – Return of The Jelly (Belly)

So I’ve noticed that I put a little weight back on recently.  I can feel the jealous people at the office giving me gloating glances when my back is turned.  I know they snicker that my miraculous weight loss, which made all of them feel inadequate, is apparently reversing.  Or at least I would ifContinue reading “Bad Habits #14 – Return of The Jelly (Belly)”

Good Habits #15 – Cubans Are Healthy, Especially When Libred

Ever since I found my way down to the state once known as the craziest (and now the freest) state in the nation (Florida), I’ve been exposed to a type of food that is ubiquitous in Florida, but not so common in my native Georgia.  A type of food that Desi Arnaz might have stolenContinue reading “Good Habits #15 – Cubans Are Healthy, Especially When Libred”

Exercise #15 – We’re Fat Because They Took Our Jerbs

Ever since I’ve started losing weight, I’ve periodically been looking into what caused Americans to gain so much weight.  Over the past fifty years or so, we’ve, on average, put on something like 40 pounds per person.  Or was it 30?  Or 50?  I forgot.  It’s in that range, and any of those is tooContinue reading “Exercise #15 – We’re Fat Because They Took Our Jerbs”

Love Your Body Like You Love Children. Wait, Not Like That.

One of the more bizarre (and that’s saying something) debates I witness online is over the subject of “body positivity”.  Mostly because body positivity is one of those bizarre phrases that can mean different things to different people and therefore doesn’t really mean anything. It’s not necessarily a bad thing.  When I was growing up,Continue reading “Love Your Body Like You Love Children. Wait, Not Like That.”

Bad Habits #14 – Avoid The New Year’s Fitness Blitzkrieg

There are a few times of year that people put unbelievably insufferable things on their social media feeds.  Okay that’s…every time of year.  But there are a couple of times where the insufferability hits ungodly peaks.  Such as everyone showing how happy they are at Thanksgiving, but clearly omitting the videos of their crazy unclesContinue reading “Bad Habits #14 – Avoid The New Year’s Fitness Blitzkrieg”

The Twelve Pounds of Christmas, or Heavy For The Holidays

So I came home for Christmas a bit early this year.  Despite the heart-pounding excitement one normally experiences while practicing public accounting, I had a lot of vacation time built up, and somehow managed to drag myself away from the siren’s call of the stacks of paperwork adorning my desk. And have now been atContinue reading “The Twelve Pounds of Christmas, or Heavy For The Holidays”

Good Habits #14 – Sugar Pellets and Pencil Shavings, A Part Of This Complete Breakfast

With some trepidation and some schadenfreude, I find myself about to write another piece about a subject which strikes terror and loathing in the hearts ketovores and carnivores everywhere.  Because when I was a boy, I rarely ate a balanced breakfast.  I know that seems like a non-sequitur.  But it’s not.  My childhood breakfast choicesContinue reading “Good Habits #14 – Sugar Pellets and Pencil Shavings, A Part Of This Complete Breakfast”

Exercise #14 – Slackercising

One thing I realized when I started writing this blog is that not everyone has a job quite so flexible as mine.  Meaning they can’t easily fit things like exercise and healthy eating into their schedule.  The advantage of an otherwise dreary job like public accounting is that you don’t necessarily have to work nineContinue reading “Exercise #14 – Slackercising”